👋 Welcome to Tuemilio. Here you'll find how to create your first waitlist and install it on your website.
Don't worry it'll only get a few minutes.

Create a Wait List

If this is your first time on Tuemilio, you'll be prompted to give a name to your first waitlist. We need it to identify it on your dashboard. It can be changed afterward on the settings page.

Create your first waitlist

Locating the Snippet

Copy the code snippet by going to Wait Lists > Form.

Before installing the snipped you can play around with your list by clicking the "Private Live Demo" button. You only have access to the demo.

The code snippet for your waiting list

Installing the Code

Paste the snippet wherever you need the form to show on your website. The form will show wherever you place the <div id="t-signup"></div> element. And everything inside the <script>...</script> can be placed elsewhere.

Paste the snippet on your site

Now that Tuemilio is installed on your website, you can customize it.