What's new: Teams & Zapier Integration.

Published September 28th , 2021 by Domingo Mancera

Today I am happy to announce two long-time requested features — the possibility to add team members to your projects and native integration with Zapier.

The team feature is in its early days, but it can already unleash superpowers to your project. Create a team and send invitations to your team members via email. Once they accept your invitation, they will have access to all your waitlists and subscribers. Billing and profile information won't be available to them. Also, you can revoke their access anytime.

Zapier will let you connect Tuemilio with the tools you already love, like Klaviyo, ConvertKit, Slack, Intercom, HubSpot, and +4100 more apps. At the moment, our Zapier integration is private, but you can get access from your integration page or by following this link.

To connect your account with Zapier, you will need your API token already available on your profile page. Then you can select the waitlist you want to use in your Zap and its trigger. 

I launched it with just one event called New Subscriber, and I plan to add more, so ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. Leave your feedback here.

Thanks for reading this minor update. I hope Tuemilio will help you bring your idea to a reality and reach your potential customers earlier.

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