10 Reasons to Build a Waitlist for a New Product or Service

Published October 29th , 2021 by Domingo Mancera

A waitlist is a list of people who are waiting for a product to be available. It is essential for a startup to build a waitlist for a new product even before it is ready. A waitlist can help you to grow your chances of success. If you want to know how to build a waitlist for a new product, then read this article and find out more about why you need to create a waitlist now.

1. Measure the demand for your new product or service before you start producing it.

2. Build a community around your new product or service before you launch it.

3. Get feedback from your customers about the pricing and features of your new app or service. 

4. Create a buzz around your new product or service and build excitement for its launch date. 

5. Test the market and find out if there is enough demand for your new product before you start spending money on it (advertising, production, etc.).

6. Find out what features and pricing options are most popular among your customers and use them as a starting point. 

7. Find out if your business idea resonates with your community early on.

8. Build a list of potential customers you can contact later and offer them your new product or service once launched.

9. Engage while building your community by giving people who are on the waitlist exclusive content, tips, and other valuable information about your new project.

10. Build excitement for your new product or service launch by sending out email newsletters to the people on the waitlist and letting them know when the launch date is coming up soon. 

If you have enough people on your waitlist, you can be sure that there is demand for your product or service, and it is worth investing money and time into it. 

As you can see, a waitlist is a crucial part of a startup. It is a way to measure the demand for your product and a way to build a community around it and get feedback from your customers. If you want to know more about building a waiting list for your new product, then check out Tuemilio; we will be happy to help you.

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